Xiaomi continues to imitate Apple in its first smart watch

In the coming days, Xiaomi is preparing to launch its first smart  watch. It seems from the suspenseful images published by the company that the watch reproduces the design of the Apple Watch.

The Chinese company began its path in the smartphone market years ago, and built its success on the launch of phones that replicate the design of Apple iPhone phones, but at a cheaper price, and Android, in an attempt to attract Android users who want a cheaper alternative to the iPhone. It seems that it will do the same in the field of smart watches.

Xiaomi is about to launch its first smart watch on November 5, and has posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo a video and suspenseful photos of the watch, which comes with a rectangular design and a circular crown. But there is a slight difference, that the body of the watch is slightly thicker, and less rotating compared to the latest fifth version of the Apple Watch.

Xiaomi did not announce the names of its first smart watches, but 9to5Google, a Google news specialist, found in Google’s Wear OS source code, the operator of many smart watches from different companies, that the watch would be named Mi Watch.

The watch will support Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC, and will support eSIM to make calls, depending on the image posted by Xiaomi. The watch has a processor (Qualcomm SnapdragonWare 3100), which is used in more recent versions of OS ware devices.

Xiaomi not only imitated apple products on smartphones and smart watches, but also launched an AirDots-like design. He also imitated the design of the macOS Majave operating system, and imitated it in the memoji animated emoji service, launching it as Mimoji. Shomi’s CEO (Lee John) even imitated the late Apple founder Steve Jobs with his black sweater and the famous word (and something else).

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