Top BEST Smartphones of 2019 – Review

Welcome to the top 15 smartphones of 2019  well as five phones you might be tempted to buy but that you probably shouldn’t, and that’s all we’re gonna start with so first things first the Huawei at P30 nad don’t be wrong this a phone I really like but it loses quite a few of the p30 pros headline features and that doesn’t make it a bad phone but it does mean that for not much more money the meet 20 pro from last year is better to deal it is just as powerful but has a bigger battery it charges faster this thing’s got a higher resolution screen and more secure 3D face unlocking
redmi 7 nokia

sony’s new Experia is a phone I really wanted to like because it’s just kind of cool with this ultra wide Cinema style display but after 10 minutes with it I can already say that for most content the screen space is just not being used very efficiently the battery life as well is just not in line with a 6.5 inch 4k display it’s gonna die fast

…you’ve then got  the LG  G8 think you, and I just think the company’s missed the mark on this one its headline features are pretty gimmicky and whilst it is an all-round solidly spec phone you can do better for the money

… as you’re about to the BlackBerry key 2 over and there is a market for this phone it’s just very niche they’ve built a device that runs on android but with a screen that’s too small and too short to take advantage of it not to mention the main selling is this physical keyboard which will appeal to a very specific kind of consumer, but the vast majority now would benefit more from the conveniences of an adaptable virtual keyboard  and finally at the last phone that you might be tempted to buy but that you should probably avoid is the Galaxy Note 9

… don’t get me wrong ! I love the note 9 and it was a great firm when it released but right now unless you need that s-pen the Galaxy S10 Plus improves in so many ways that it’s tough to recommend it’s slower bulkier cousin and if you did want a cheaper Samsung alternative then the Galaxy S9 Plus right now is cheaper and inherently much better value .

Now for the top 15 I have arranged them in a rough order any fern in this list is going to be one I can safely recommend.

So to start with in 15th place Nokia 9 PureView this right here is a flawed phone it’s using the last generation chipset it’s camera takes ages to process shots. it is the phone I find myself reaching for when taking a lot of landscape shots its more pent camera setup is intriguing, and I’d be using it because I was almost excited by how the end image could turn out plus so far at least it’s been getting pretty regular software updates, and my experience has improved over time

Numer 14 is the iPhone 10 R which still to date has a very impressive camera, and it is a powerful phone for people who can’t quite spring for the iPone 10 S but with every Apple product even over half a year after its launch you’ll still be paying pretty much full price for it’s just become hard to justify spending over $700 phone with a screen when alternative is better than ever I was super impressed by the owner view 20 it looks distinguished it’s got a powerful chip it’s got a 48 megapixel camera and price wise ot comes in a fair bit below most flagships the only real downside is that the company has opted for a time for flight camera on the back which is not a bad thing but they’ve used it instead of what I would sit the more useful telephoto or ultra wide lenses the iPhone tennis is still an impressive phone and has aged a little better than the 10r because of lt is slimmer bezels and higher quality display it’s also just straight up one of fastest phone out there you can feel quite confident when you play a game on this that it’s going to run flawlessly .

The iPhone 10 S max and I would honestly say if you can cope with the larger dimensions here this is the better buy the larger screen is better for films and TV and the phone also lasts 10 to 15 percent longer on a charge the little bit extra it makes a massive difference

number 10 and I don’t think the prettiest phone but there’s also definitely room in the market for the Google pixel 3xl  for two main reasons number 1 is the cameras on both the front and the back you’re getting some of the most powerful camera software ever which lets you do things that a few years ago would have been considered black magic the other is google’s software once you use it’s tough to wean yourself off these slick animations and the simple aesthetic . It was a beast in 2018, and it’s still a beast in 2019 this is the pocket phone f1 it’s budget phone with shockingly little compromise although it’s not quite as cutting edge as it was when it originally launched one plus 60 is a blissfully slick experience for half the price of a top-end phone the software is clean and bloat-free and so your whole experience just feels light I would say though whilst you’ll struggle to get on the official website if you can get hold of the older one plus 6 for less that might be a better buy because essentially same chip same performance but it’s slimmer and lighter .

The Huawei meet 20 pro although released last year is very much one of the company’s current-gen phones all you need to do is to take one look at the phone spec sheet, and you can see that it’s still very much ahead of the curve especially in terms of battery and charging speed also the camera is a whole lot of fun to use .

redmi note 7 pro a budget phone, and you can tell it’s not a flagship but also there is very little to complain about its using the brand snapdragon 675 chip for very much upper mid-range performance has a weighty 4,000 milliamp-hour battery and of course a 45 mega pixel camera it’s really good.

Alright. we ‘re in the top 5 things are getting serious, and in fifth place, we’ve 2 phones

Galaxy S 10 and the Galaxy S 10 e  they’re both amazing but at the same time both for quite different consumers the s10 is little larger it’s targeted as a more premium offering with more cameras a curved display and a bigger battery, but the S10 e is sold as the more practical variant I like how it still has stereo speakers and display quality of its higher-end cousins and that they’ve made sensible compromises like switching the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner to the still very fast side-mounted one the Xiaomi mi 9 is basically   the cheapest full-scale 2019 flagship you can buy right now and aside from a slightly underwhelming battery it blew me away ! for just $500 you’re looking at a snapdragon 855 chip and a really good triple camera system Xiaomi also added in fast charging and some of the fastest wireless charging we’ve ever seen .

in third place the Huawei P30 pro this is a firm that truly excels in three key areas you’ve got the camera zoom you’ve got the camera at night, and you’ve got the battery and charging and by excel o honestly mean it is so good it will constantly surprise you at the same time though it does have a couple of areas like its display and speaker quality that very forgettable galaxy s 10 plus which takes a different approach it’s a slightly more well-rounded phone and no doesn’t have a camera that can practically see in the dark or one that can use to remotely keep up with that your neighbors are up to but not shoots consistently good photos in lighting conditions it’s got a really good battery life it’s got natural-sounding dual speakers and of the best quality displays you’ve ever seen that leaves us with number one and in my opinion this is a thoroughly underrated device and

The galaxy s 10 5g a big part of the problem is that the company literally named it  as if it was just the s10 with a 5g modem stuck on but  a better way to describe it would honestly be the s10 ultimate it’s got an even larger battery  larger brighter display and his quad-camera setup can do a fair bit more depending on where you live you probably won’t be able to take advantage of that 5g functionality but I ‘d argue  that those other improvements alone are enough to justify the extra 200 dollars

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