Smartphone imaging capabilities bring a new achievement in HONOR 20 PRO !

HONOR 20 PRO is the latest addition to the HONOR  series -N- The phone offers users unparalleled imaging capabilities that surpass those of professional digital cameras, focusing on current smartphone technologies.

For the first time in history. HONOR offers a prominent smartphone with a 48-megapixel 4X camera by dint to artificial intelligence and the world’s first 3D dynamic glass design for the back of the phone.

The launch of honor 20 pro is focused on “ capture wonder “ campaign that promises users: Whether you’re in the low-light environment or sitting away from the stage at concert, HONOR 20 PRO will allow you to capture the most beautiful images of your magical moments with crystal clear clarity and beautiful details in the stands . Differents every day.

The four-wheel drive camera system is your basic tool for capturing the most beautiful images of the most magical moments

Smartphone cameras have made significant progress in recent years. To date, none of them has matched the quality of the images ( DSLR). But we are confident that photographers and professionals will leave their digital cameras at home and unleash creativity with their sophisticated and elegant HONOR 20 PRO phones.

 HONOR 20 PRO has a 48-megapixel quad-camera system that delivers an amazing performance in a variety of scenarios, whether shooting at night, during the day, indoors or outdoors. With the superior quality and ease of use of the HONOR 20 PRO super camera, everyone will be able to master photography, supported by artificial intelligence technology and high-end equipment.

The phone  HONOR 20 PRO  also includes a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens with EIS correction technology, an 8MP close-up lens with up to 3 x optical zoom without loss of detail, hybrid zoom up to 5 x

The digital is 30 times larger, allowing users to capture dynamic and detailed images over long distances.

Take the most beautiful photos in exceptional elegance

Honor believes that a smartphone is not only a technical tool but also an elegant accessory that expresses your unique style. Honor 20 PRO shows the brilliance of  Honor brand by taking advantage of light in the design of the 3D glass dynamic phone using Triple 3D Mesh technology, which is based on putting several surfaces together in a unique way that makes the viewer think they are looking at a multidimensional surface.

 Honor 20 PRO has a 6.26-inch screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels at 412 dots per inch. The full screen has an innovative camera that is installed on the screen by inserting the front camera into a small 4.5 mm hole in the screen. The phone also features two new colors: Phantom Black and Phantom Blue, a testament to Honor s ability to set amazing trends in its products that will impress consumers.

Enjoy the wonders of the intelligent world

For video games, the HONOR 20 PRO is equipped with the Turbo 3.0 GPU, a state-of-the-art lifestyle that enhances the capabilities of phone games by providing the user with an immersive visual experience.

 In designing  HONOR 20 PRO, the brand collaborated with nearly 25 of the most sought-after mobile gaming companies such as Fortnite at the request of consumers. The Kirin 980 7nm AI-improved, cortex-A76, and dual neuron treatment unit offers users a great mobility experience. HONOR 20 PRO has graphene heat dissipation components that help to manage heat efficiently and improves the user experience via a dual-frequency  GPS, supported by the processor to determine the target location path with greater accuracy in daily use.

This smartphone also offers the sector-specific Virtual Deson 9.1 Surround function powered by Huawei Histen 6.0 and Magic UI 2.1.0 for a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

HONOR 20 PRO is the most advanced example of the smartphone‘s entire experience, especially battery performance, with a 4000 mAh battery, which will allow the user to spend more time focusing on important tasks rather than worrying about charging the battery, and will allow the fast charging technology to honor Charge more than 50 percent of the battery in just half an hour.

HONOR 20 PRO is a revolutionary device with best-in-class software, designed to combine high-end software and materials to give its users an unparalleled intelligent experience.

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