Serie Swamp Thing – Review –

DC and Warner Bros. are trying to save what can be saved in their film world, after the great failure they suffered, and strangely in the subject of this series, that the executive producer of the series, director James Wan, director of Aquaman was opposed to the idea of turning the character’s story into a series and he wanted to be a movie, He recorded his objection through the social networking site and the public felt that the series would be watched. The character of Swamp Thing for the first time is embodied on the screen, there is an audience for the character through the comic book and through the games, but the series was a surprise by all measures, he got a score of 8.5/10 on the IMDB SITE, it is a surprise for a new experience on the screen in the world of superheroes.

The series is not linked to another film or series, it is a separate story so far, but the story is very interesting.


The soundtrack is very interesting and beautiful, one of the most interesting soundtracks that caught my attention, and the most beautiful of which explains the history of the series without any words or images, it reveals that history has to do with science and a world, and the world’s struggle with science and nature, as opposed to the soundtrack in other works that were not so perfect.


The introduction is the most beautiful of all the introductions of the other series of superheroes, he explains the story, he has calm and serenity, his colors are very comfortable for the eye, it depends mainly on the color of green which is the color of the character and water, and highlights the most important areas where the story turns, and introduced us to the hero of the story « Alec Holland » in the middle of many question marks.

The colours of the series:

Despite the dark colors of the dc world in all the works, the colors of marsh things are completely the opposite of all the works, the colors are natural without effects, even a city that is supposed to be contaminated by the marsh, its colors are as natural as any polluted environment, winter is not as full of fog as we have seen. In other works such as Doom Patrol.


The shooting of the series follows the theory of the late Khaled Saleh in the film « Ben Consul », which is « difficult in its facility », the scenes are very clear and simple ly-illustrated does not need complications, the manipulation only in the graphics, and the proof is the scene of the transformation of Swamp Thing’s « Alec Holland », the precision of photography with its simplicity with its simplicity with its graphics while allowing it to plant plants.


I do not agree with the idea of several directors, each director has a different way of doing things, and this appears on the screen, in the first two episodes director Len Wiseman director Underworld and Die Hard and total recall, he has done a professional job to open the way for other directors, and become the reference they follow and walk on his approach in the upcoming episodes.


The story follows the story in the comic book, but with some natural differences of dramatic therapy, in any work in this world do not expect to be a version of the comic book, the main villain of the season is Avery Sunderland, the man who emerges as a good businessman who cares about the city, and in secret is Behind what happens in the marsh and behind the diseases and epidemics that plague the city. The hero of the story, Alec Holland, is a scientist who worked with Sunderland in secret in the manufacture of viruses and spread them in the swamp, but when the heroine « Abby » decided to help him eliminate the epidemic that has recently hit the city and grew up between them a short love story not only 48 hours, but this story ended because of its transformation For Swamp Thing


There are several problems with the heroes of the series:

« Andy Bean » action hero, why is Christian Bale the only reference in superhero movies?! Why don’t the heroes of these works do different and new things for themselves? Christian Bale yes left a great legacy of great performance in the series The Dark Knight, but this performance can not be applied in the marsh thing of character for several differences, including the difference in personality and the different tools that the actor must play, for example the scene of « Fighting Back », I saw in front of me an attempt To imitate Christian Bale in Batman Begins, when he said « There’s No In Black », Andy is a good actor, but he must renounce the spirit of Bill who introduced himself in his world

« Crystal Reed », the heroine of the action « on all colors, Batista », Crystal Society in the series Gotham in the role of Sophia Falcone, and here she participates in the series Swamp Thing, go DC when you ask her the role you find her! and it’s not a professional thing, but let’s talk about his performance, the most beautiful expressions of his different face, psychological conflict In the character of Abby, between his guilt over the death of his friend and his escape from the city in the past, his return to an epidemic in the city, the internal conflict between his love for Sunderland as a father and his discovery that he is behind the spread of the epidemic, he shows that she is a strong actor.

« Will Patton », the evil Avery Sunderland, a unique evil combination that has not appeared on the screen much, and calculates the application of many of the character’s factors present in comics, such as form, behavior and intelligent responses, and I would like to salute the authors of the series for their mastery in writing this character, they are the best character in the series so far, Will is also the best of the series so far.

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