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If you have the opportunity to live in space, you will see many mysterious cosmic phenomena in space, and we will mention a number of these strange and exciting cosmic phenomena.

If you live in space, you will see the sun rise and set 16 times a day as the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes in the lower orbit of the earth, which will make sleep a difficult thing in space because of the absence of the night and day cycle as we know it on the planet, so that astronauts eat sleeping pills to travel to space so that they can sleep in this strange atmosphere.

One of the strange cosmic phenomena that can happen to you in space is to increase your height between 5 to 8 cm due to the lack of gravity of the earth, where the human spine in space becomes straighter, but this phenomenon causes severe pain in the spine and nerves.

People who suffer from making sounds while sleeping on the planet will never feel this problem while living in space because the zero gravity of the earth plays a key role in keeping the throat from sticking during sleep so that sleeping teeth don’t make sounds in her sleep – I think many wives now think of going on a trip with her husband in space to enjoy a quiet sleep without any worries.

Some types of food must be mixed in water while living in space, such as salt and pepper and uncle is kept inside closed plastic bags, because with zero gravity in space will not disperse salt and pepper in the air and can block air intakes in the space capsule, in addition, will be vulnerable to entering the eyes, nose and mouth of astronauts, which can cause them pathological problems.

Important information about the space roundabout of space, of course, we have heard about seasickness, and some of us are avoided at sea while driving ships, but did you know that even in space, you can feel a dizziness called a space rotor and most astronauts suffer from space vertigo due to the lack of gravity making them red They suffer from headaches, nausea and pain, they lose their sense of place and do not feel their limbs, and these symptoms gradually fade due to adaptation to living and climatic conditions in space.

It is also the spatial information that, after a while, astronauts in space must return to Earth and adapt to gravity suddenly, so that astronauts undergo a process called readjustment, a process that prepares astronauts to face things on Earth after they are used to the absence of gravity. Gravity is enough for the astronaut to leave the thing out of his hand and settle in place without falling, and this rehabilitation process can take approximately one month.

From information about space that you may know that astronauts can suffer an effect on their eyes as a result of living in space where space is filled with a space phenomenon that is blue flashes in black space and these flashes come from cosmic rays and known that cosmic rays protect the Earth’s atmosphere where cosmic rays have serious damage to the eye and when astronauts watch these flashes in space, their eyes are affected by these rays because there is no atmosphere in space protects astronauts’ eyes from these rays and reports have recorded that about 39 m astronauts suffer from water on their eyes due to exposure to these rays.

The latest information on this topic on living in space is that the absence of water in space makes astronauts very keen on the water they have brought with them into space, and therefore astronauts use the sponge in personal body hygiene as well as razor blades and toothbrushes all of which astronauts must be very careful to use it because of the small amounts of water they receive. It should be noted that the longest duration of astronauts remaining in space was 14 months, and this period is registered in the name of Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov, who spent this time in the Russian Mir station in orbit around the Earth, and there is a statistics on astronauts who died in space, three astronauts Cat until 2004 .

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