New Apple credit card

Apple held its conference last March where it officially announced its deepening in the field of payment services as a step to address the significant decline in iPhone sales in recent times, and today the first of these services has arrived, New Apple credit card where it was made available to a limited number of users Available later in the month to a larger number of customers in the United States.

This card came as a result of a collaboration between Apple and Goldman Sachs group and therefore began to question users who are used to the excellence of the service and products provided by Apple alone this time Apple is not the only responsible for this credit card, but there is another party, and in this regard Apple has confirmed that its credit card will not be different in terms of experience using any other product offered by which users are more happy to discover the card.

Apple has not disclosed the official number of people who have been able to try this new service, and all we know is that they are a group of people who have already registered to be notified when the card is available, and in any case, more users will be available later this month on American soil.

For registration to use this new service, it is very simple, once the necessary information is sent, it will be reviewed directly by Goldman Sachs, which will determine the eligibility of this user for the service, and if accepted, the card information will appear directly in the Portfolio application.

But what is special is that there is a real card that users can request to be sent by mail to them, and once it arrives, you can do it via iPhone in a very simple way as is the case with the delivery of speakers exactly and all that is needed is to open the Apple credit card envelope and then bring the iPhone closer to it to appear the activation button Directly, all that the user needs is to install iOS 12.4, where we talked earlier about this update and the possibility that it holds the main floor to receive this new card.

With regard to the card specifications, it is thicker and heavier than regular credit cards, and of course we know that it will bear the name of the owner engraved with laser without showing any sensitive information if you want to reach the card number, you will find it in the Wallet application protected by fingerprint or face where you will also find a default number, you can copy it for online payment and ask to change it if you suspect that it is no longer safe to use.

Regardless of the likelihood of success of the rest of the services Apple will offer later, the success of the Apple credit card is undoubtedly due to its exceptional features and the payment and usage experience that do not exist on any other card, not to mention that its exclusive use and close association with the devices The iPhone will allow Apple to increase the success of its devices in the market without having to wait for the introduction of a revolutionary new iPhone.

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