New Apple| Apple TV Video Service

On Monday, Apple announced its new Apple TV video streaming service, a direct competitor to similar services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as Apple TV channels for an audience of journalists, celebrities and production partners.

Apple has been trying to enter the video streaming service for some time, with the company trying to invest more than a billion dollars in the project.

Not only is Apple creating a new streaming service, but it is also investing heavily in original content to compete with Netflix Originals.

The new services represent a combination of original content developed by the company and third-party channels, and all content will be available via a redesigned version of the Apple TV application on Apple TV and iOS iOS.

Apple TV channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, CBS All Access, Epix, MTV Hits, History Channel Vault, Tastemade, Lifetime Movie Club, Shudder and many others, for $9.99 each.

The redesigned Apple TV application has a Netflix-style interface, but with an easier way to add new content and buy movies, without having to exit the TV application and go to the iTunes Store.

Apple is launching its new Apple TV channels in May with the updated software on Apple TV 4K, and the Apple TV application is coming to Mac this fall for the first time.

The user does not need an iPhone, iPad or Mac to watch broadcast videos, but the Apple TV application can be used on all previous devices in addition to Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV, to be followed by LG and Sony devices, as well as Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

In addition to the company’s original content, Apple offers additional subscription channels for each channel, allowing you to access other programs with Apple TV channels.

The new Apple TV application works in more than 100 countries and supports family sharing, which means paying once and allowing family members to access the same offers and content.

The application includes new promotional features that use advanced auto learning to determine what content you might want to see, while the Watch Now tab helps you decide what to watch next, and there are also new rebuilt tabs for movies, TV shows and sports. and children and the library.

The company says the application focuses on helping you find new content to watch.

Apple also announced its own original content service, called Apple TV, and the company sought to make all the content family-friendly, so that it could be displayed in retail stores. Apple works with a number of original content creators, including Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa and Alvear Woodard.

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