Local governments in Texas are under ransomware attack.

Local governments in Texas are under ransomware attack.
Twenty-three local governments across Texas have succumbed to a ransomware attack, which Texas officials describe as a coordinated attack.

The attack occurred on Friday morning, August 16, U.S. time, when several small local governments in Texas reported problems accessing their data to the Texas Information Resources Administration (DIR).

The Texas Information Resources Administration (DIR), which responds and investigates attacks, has not published a list of local governments affected by security issues.

On Friday, the agency was not able to provide a specific number of affected entities but later stated: the number of affected governments is 23.

The majority of these entities are smaller local governments, Texas networks and systems have not been attacked, and the Texas Information Resources Administration (DIR) added that the evidence indicates that only one actor is attacking all these entities simultaneously.

The source of the attacks is still unknown, while a local source has declared the ransomware attack encrypted files and added a « JSE » extension to the file names.

According to reports, this sweetness does not have its own name, as it is generally called jse ransomware, although some antivirus vendors discover it as Nemucod.

All affected governments appear to have been identified and notified, and they are actively working with them to restart their systems on the Internet.

The agency coordinates its efforts with more than a dozen other government agencies in Texas and the United States, such as the Texas Emergency Management Division; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Department of Homeland Security; and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

American cities have been a major target of ransomware attacks in recent months, with victims reported across the United States, and the Governor of Louisiana declaring a state of emergency in July after a ransomware-like attack hit several educational areas.

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