Google remove malicious Android applications

Google remove malicious applications from its Android application store « Google Play », after researchers at security company Trend Micro found a lot of mobile apps for android advertising applications hidden in the form of photo editing applications and games.

These applications display full-screen and non-skippable ads as part of a money-saving system, integrating adware, AndroidOS-Hidenad.HRXH, in imaging and gaming applications, and have been installed over 8 million times.

Applications took advantage of popular Android features to discover when the user would unlock the phone, resulting in largely repetitive announcements that were difficult to overcome.

Applications secretly click on ads in the background without the user’s knowledge to generate advertising revenue.

The researchers found that applications keep a record when they are installed and remain idle for about half an hour, then hide their icons on the home screen and briefly replace them, preventing the user from deleting the application, so that the application continues to work on the phone.

In addition to delivering hard-to-close ads, applications use unique techniques to avoid detection by user behavior and include code to ensure that they do not display the same ads too often.

Trend Micro said: These applications display ads in full screen, forcing the user to see the entire ad before they can close it or return to the application itself.

The security company provided a list of applications, including : Super Selfie Camera; Cos Camera; Pop Camera; and One Stroke Line Puzzle, each of which has a million Downloads.

These announcement programs ideally affect phones running in older versions of Android, such as Android 8.0 and later include a feature that requires user confirmation before allowing an application to create a shortcut, alerting the user to the application’s hidden activity.

Google has repeatedly pointed out that it is taking steps to prevent malware and adware from reaching its Android application store.

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