Google : Hundreds of thousands of people use hacked passwords.

A new study by Google has confirmed Hundreds of thousands of people use hacked passwords . that users should stop using the same password for several websites if they are careful not to misuse their data or steal their identity or worse.

Google published the results of its study based on data collected from 670,000 users who installed the google chrome add-on browser to check password control ( Password Checkup ) and connected to websites 21 million times.

According to the results of the password behavior study, a quarter of users do not change their passwords even if they are told that their passwords have been compromised.

There are a number of sites, such as (have I been pwned), that can help users track whether their data has been detected, but it is still a confusing process for many users who are not sure which passwords need to be updated.

 Google unveiled in February the addition of Checkup password to verify chrome browser passwords.

The extension displays a warning when you log in to a site using more than 4 billion user names and passwords that Google knows are dangerous due to previous violations, and requires you to change your password if necessary.

Google said: In the first month alone, we examined 21 million usernames and passwords, and we marked more than 316,000 of them as dangerous.

The study found that 25.7 percent or 81,368 add-on users chose to ignore their hacking warnings, and continued to connect to websites using hacked data, even after being notified by Google.

While 82,761 people, or 26% of users, created new passwords after receiving an alert and trying to choose stronger passwords, according to Google, 60% of new passwords are safe from guessing attacks, and 96% of them were stronger than the original password.


Hundreds of thousands of people use hacked passwords ! That’s not a good thing
But to ensure account security, everyone must use different passwords on different sites, for example, Do not use the same Facebook password on Twitter .

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