Fairphone 3

Three years after the launch of its latest phone, Fairphone 3, the Dutch social enterprise, announced its latest attempt to launch a standard smartphone made from sustainable sources, recycled parts, and easy to repair.
By making the phone easy to repair, the company explains, it can reduce the lifetime carbon footprint by 30 percent by allowing you to use a device longer instead of switching to a new phone every year or two.

The Fairphone III smartphone continues to reverse the direction of the phone, as Fairphone 3 has not only a headset port, a microSD card, and a removable battery, but also six standard components designed to be easily removed and replaced.

This means that the phone’s life span can be longer than most other devices, so if you need to replace your camera, monitor, battery, or USB port, you can easily buy and repair parts yourself.

Fairphone is betting on a world full of long-lasting repairable phones that will significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
The company says its latest phones are easy to repair thanks to its six-unit approach, similar to the company’s previous use of its 2016 Fairphone 2, which received a 10/10 repair score from iFixit.

The company has had difficulty providing long-term repairs to its phones in the past and had to stop supporting its 2013 Fairphone 1 phone in 2017 after it was no longer able to continue to produce spare parts.
Fairphone designed its new phone using ethically sourced components wherever possible, using recycled plastic, copper, gold, tin, and tungsten not extracted from conflict areas to build the phone.

It is also improving its sources of cobalt, a component in lithium-ion batteries, and recycling initiatives will reward buyers for recycling their previous phones when they buy a Fairphone 3 in some countries.
Given Fairphone focus on building a sustainable phone and its mission to rethink the waste of consumer electronics, Fairphone 3’s specifications do not compete with this year’s key phone specifications.

The new phone features a 5.7-inch screen, 2160×1080 pixels, 18:9 screen, gorilla glass 5, a unique 12-megapixel rear camera, and an 8-megapixel front camera, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor.
The device has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, although the 3000 mAh support battery for fast charging is not the largest in its range, it is removable, allowing it to be easily replaced.

Fairphone 3 is expected to be available from September 3 and can be pre-ordered from today on the company’s website for 450 euros.
The phone booth does not include a charger, cable, or headphones, so the user can use their accessories and help reduce electronic waste.

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