Darksiders III: Keepers of the Void – Review –

Darksiders III has obtained additional content The Crucible which has presented a range of challenges in the form of visits in which you face enemy regiments, but the second additional content comes back to present a new mission for the Fury adventure that takes us to a whole new area with many puzzles and bosses. To defeat them, we are examining this additional content entitled Keepers of the Void.

The content does not focus on presenting a new story, on getting to the content that you have to get at least the ability of the flame after defeating the sin of anger in the original story, then talk to your favorite Vulgrim dealer who will tell you that he can no longer access the snake holes that allow him to move easily through the worlds because someone controls these burrows and here your mission begins to discover who has taken control of the burrows and seek to defeat them.

The content takes you into the world of stone in the snake burrows, which is divided into 4 distinct zones, each requiring you to have one of the four abilities that Fury can obtain throughout history, namely flame and storm, as well as power and stagnation, terminating any area that depends on solving puzzles based on Your ability to activate certain platforms and each of Your abilities has a different effect on these platforms, the flame capacity causes the platform to move for example while the storm capacity causes the generation of airflow from them.

Beautifully designed puzzles will force you to focus, and the power of observation to solve them and you will face some enemies from one puzzle to another to make the experience balanced as the enemies here are more powerful and fierce and confront them not only to keep you away from the routine of solving riddles, these confrontations will require focus and precision as well, The areas of this content do not focus much on concealing treasures under the simple design of these areas and focusing on solving puzzles, but you will find some hidden secrets here and there and putting treasures directly in front of you is like rewarding your efforts and overcoming difficult challenges.

If the enemies you will face are fierce, the confrontations of leaders of a completely different level, you will find a leader at the end of each of the four regions with a final leader you face after the end of all these areas, one of the most important mechanics in Darksider III is to avoid strikes in time To lead a counterattack and if it is not very difficult to do so with most leaders in the original history that leaders in the guards of the void make it difficult, their attacks are very fast and you will need a lot of precision to avoid them, which is not easy, even for those who have just finished the original story and this Kea mechanic is the key to defeating the leaders in this additional content, and although the strategy to overcome the leaders is almost the same, you will feel a difference between each leader and the one who preceded him.

Keepers of the Void content will offer between 4 to 6 hours of balanced gameplay experience between solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and confronting bosses and it offers a lot of fun for those who want more Darksiders III and turn you happy with some distinctive rewards of new weapons and armor as proof that you are overcoming the limits he presented

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