Comparison of the best affiliate networks and ways to receive benefits

Affiliation is an excellent way to work online, and has led many people to great success, as merchants are always looking for creative and practical ways to improve their sales through advertising. There are many of them dealing directly with advertisers, but there are thousands of affiliate networks that link advertisers to merchants’ offers.

What is affiliate or commission marketing?

This is a promotional process that you do for other people or companies, in exchange for which you receive a commission for completing the sale through you.

When an advertiser is successful in selling a certain number of the product, he or she obtains a certain percentage of the cost of marketing the product. It may vary from one network to another, but the rate can be as high as 75 percent in some offers. There are countless opportunities to make money with these networks.

In this blog post, we will review the most important business networks and see what you are doing for us.

Rakuten LinkShare:

LinkShare is considered the best site in the field of affiliation, although the number of merchants in it is low. Although this is the smallest network as far as we can remember, LinkShare offers the best tools to increase profits, with an interface that has many advantages. If you are new to this field, this network provides:

  • Reference material and video comments.
  • Newsletters with news from the field.
  • Personal training through the International Publishers University.

Publishers who bring enough traffic will get a Platinum account and get good marks from the company itself to help them make more profit.

What is great about this site is the ability to create rotating ads, it may not be very important, but it can make a big difference in the personalization aspect. It also offers the « Deep Linking » function that allows you to choose the page you want to send your taviak to their site, giving you more flexibility in marketing various offers avelit. the only disadvantage of the site is that the company waits until the money is received from the advertiser before paying the publisher, which can cause delays in some payments.


  • Renewable ads : The possibility of creating a rotating advertisement that allows advertisers more freedom.
  • Deep link : Publishers can choose which page the traffic will be sent to on the merchant’s/advertiser’s website. That is, you can send them directly to the place of payment, or send them to an article on the latest product of the company you are shopping for.
  • formation : Reference documents are available on the site, which will allow you to learn more, which will lead you to develop further.

Disadvantages :

  • Small network of merchants: : The company is one of the oldest companies in this field, i.e. we are supposed to find more traders than there are currently.
  • payment: : Waiting for payments from merchants means that you don’t know when the money you will get. Some merchants will send money to the company in a week, others within 60 days.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant:

CJ Affiliate has been providing affiliate ads since 1998 and is one of the largest networks in the field. It is known to have an extensive network of publishers, working with more than 2500 advertisers and merchants in the form of CPA offers.

If you use WordPress, there is an addition that you can download to integrate CJ Affiliate ads into your site.

Unlike LinkShare, the CJ affiliate is a payment based payment that provides payment by cheque or direct shipment, and requires it to be less than $50 so you can withdraw money.

Advantages :

  • Fixed payments : On this site, you don’t need to wait. While you reach $50, you can draw it whenever you want.
  • Countless offers : There are too many people who help target real audiences through paid ads much more than any other advertising network.

Disadvantages :

  • Support : On-site customer service is really a bad thing on site. As a publisher, you will need to contact each advertiser individually instead of directly contacting customer service about any problems you may encounter.

Amazon Associates :

Amazon is a leading shopping company, and you can enter affiliate in this huge industry by marketing products to your visitors. This site may have low commission rates for some products, which can range from 4% to 8.5%. Some products may have a commission price of up to 10%, but this does not apply to all products. Commission prices may increase depending on the volume of sales, if sales exceed 3 131 units, the commission price will be 8,5 %.

Even with these low commission rates, you can make very large amounts of Amazon money. or use it to increase the income of your nietzsche. There are millions of products that you can market, which is why Amazon is on this list. You will also receive a commission if someone buys the product from your link.

Many publishers use Amazon with other affiliate networks to increase revenue. The minimum withdrawal is up to $10, but payment is either by direct shipment, cheque, or Amazon shipping card.

Advantages :

  •  Huge industry :  The location is one of the largest shopping sites in the world. We cannot deny that Amazon will fill any empty niche.
  • Easy to work with : Starting with Amazon is very easy. Publishers only browse the product they want to market, and at the front of the screen, they click on the « Links and Banners » button to get their own link to market the product.
  • Payment : the payment is always fixed.

Disadvantages :

  • Low commission rate : The percentages you earn are low compared to other affiliate networks. But you won’t find a larger network than Amazon anywhere else.
  • Support Live chat only: Support is quite good in providing live chat. However, there is support by e-mail, which can cause problems for publishers living far from the United States.

Here , our article is finished for the day. We will talk about other companies that are very large in other articles. Stay in touch and the next one will be much better

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