blue microphone Snowball USB – Review –

Finding the right microphone is as difficult and tiring as finding the right speaker. Especially if the goal is not to use the microphone with the computer, here is the subject not only to find the right microphone, but to find the right parts to complete the networking process with the computer.

Blue Microphones, famous for its professional studio microphones, presented their new Snowball snowball, a USB microphone that you can network directly with your computer. It’s the easiest and fastest way to record audio on your computer, perfect for podcasts

Manufacturer’s specifications :

  • Model: USB microphone, condensation.
  • Frequency response: 40-18,000 Hz.
  • Connector: USB connection 2.
  • Width: 10.3 cm (diameter).
  • Weight: 460 g.
  • Ram: 64 MB.

Design and parameters :

The snowball is simply like a ball. A spherical shape of metal with several openings, and at the bottom of the metal ball there is an opening for the possibility of tightening the three-way mounting base on it that comes in the box. This is how the microphone will be placed on your desk at a height of about 15 cm.

The Blue logo on the front of the microphone with glossy paint adds great elegance to the microphone, especially when you put it on your desk. At the top of the microphone, you will find a LED bulb that lights up red when the microphone is ready to be recorded.

On the back of the microphone, you will find a single input that is used to network the microphone with your computer. I think having a second entry would have been an added value to this microphone. Maybe in future versions, they modify this point.

There is also a switch in the rear section that allows you to move between the recording options available in this microphone

Numbered from 1 to 3 so you should see the operating manual attached to break each one.


Since the SnowBall microphone is designed for direct networking, simply network with your computer (compatible with Mac and Windows PC) without additional drivers and start recording audio. For the pilots, it would also have been preferable if she had put a copy of a well-known recording software in the box, as with the Yeti Studio microphone.

The microphone works very well in its category. Keep in mind that this is a single monophonic recording and is suitable for recording from a single audio source.

Accessories attached:

  • USB cable.
  • Stand install the microphone.
  • manual.

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • Elegant and practical design.
  • No difficulty in adjusting or using.


  • Only works on the USB option.
  • The operating options are a little confusing.

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