Best paid survey sites reviews

if you want to see what sites are on that list read this article until the end to know more about the most Best paid survey sites reviews . If you live in the UK you are lucky the UK is one of the countries that gives access to most pay survey sites . these sites can be used in other countries , so if you want to see what sites are on that list read this article until the end to know more about Best paid survey sites reviews .

Now let’s go ahead and jump into that list

Swag bucks

first up is swag bucks if you have heard about online rewards or paid surveys before then chances are you’ve heard of swag bucks and for good reasons it’s one of the biggest get paid to websites online and it offers great opportunities for people living in the UK now you will our rewards in SBS and they can be exchanged for cash into PayPal account or  you  can choose between many of the available gift cards outside of daily surveys they also offer the opportunity to earn rewards doing activities that you would normally do anyway you can get great cashback offers when doing online shopping you can earn by watching online videos surfing the web or playing games they also offer free contests and promo codes where you can get free points swag bucks is definitely a top website to sign up form so if you live in the UK it has great opportunities and offers that can make some nice extra money .

Prize Rebel

next up is prize rebel

prize rebel has over 7 million users, and it’s a very popular surface site, and it offers a good amount of opportunities for users in the UK you will earn points for every time you do an activity, and these points can then be exchanged for cash to PayPal account gift cards they have a pretty big selection and you can also exchange for bitcoins you will mostly have many daily opportunities to do paid surveys but there are also other opportunities to earn points such as cashback and different activities such as playing games and participating contests prize Ripper will also offer several times a week promo codes that you can answer to get free points .


next up is Toluna gives quite a lot of survey opportunities in the UK at least a couple of day and outside of surveys they also have community where you interact with other membres and doing this you have a chance to win extra points by creating content that other membres will interact with – Luna also offers great free concepts through its blog and social media channels .

Survey savvy connect

next up is Surveysavvy connect now we ‘ re-survey savvy connect they do collect data based on your internet usage, and they will give you 5 pounds per device that you have the app installed on in addition to that there are also many opportunities for  surveys now, please keep in mind that they do only pay via mail check .


next up is YouGov is great and easy online survey panel for the UK and you can earn points every time you can take a survey and by experience you will qualify for a very high percentage of surveys compared to a lot of different sites the points can be exchanged into cash or gift cards and you will get a hundred points as a joining you guys have a great number of surveys in the UK so it’s definitely something worth checking out .

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Next up is Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel they do have a pacific panel just for the UK and it’s slightly different than most of the other sites on this list as you actually don’t to do anything to earn rewards and participate in the research once you’ve signed up

the panel will gather data about internet usage and users data to improve online services and products and it in all honestly it’s a great way to help improve the internet you  will have to install an application / software and it will then gather the data it will be anonymous and it’s completely safe you can participate on several devices if you live in the UK they do have monthly quarterly and you  leave  reward of at least a total of thirty thousand pounds .

inbox pounds

Next up is inbox pounds now obviously from the name inbox pounds is dedicated to you can users but other countries can join as well you can earn by taking surveys completing offers surfing the internet and reading emails now some of the earning methods like surfing the internet and reading emails don’t pay a lot but it is way to go ahead and add money to the money that you’re making while completing surveys now you will need a threshold of at least twenty pounds to go ahead and cash out, and they do only send out checks .

insta GC 

Next up is insta GC. Now NCGC is not just an online survey panel, but it is to get paid to sites so there’s a lot of ways that you can earn by taking surveys of course but also by surfing the internet watching videos betting on sports results visiting websites signing for free trials doing figure 8 tasks as well as they offer a weekly bonus which allows you to get a percentage of yours earning from the past week now one of the best thing about NCGC is their extremely payout threshold you can request a payout through PayPal as soon as you have earned  at least one dollar now even if you join from the UK your earning will be shown in dollars but overall this is a very low pay out threshold, and it means you can get paid out pretty quickly  you can also choose to get paid in gift cards or bitcoins instead .

Opinion Outpost

next up is Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost does offer a survey panel that is exclusive with online surveys just for the UK I hear it is very easy to use and once you signed up you just have to wait for email notification letting you know when there are surveys available now at the active member you will automatically be entered in quarterly prize draws where you can win up to 5,000 pounds the payout threshold for Opinion outpost is extremely low, and you can get paid soon as you’ve earned  two point five pounds which shouldn’t take you long to at all . You can get paid through PayPal Amazon UK Gift Cards iTunes as well as App store gift cards and.

Life Points Panel

Next up is Life Points Panel now Life Points panel used to be called global test marketing before they underwent every branding but now they last planet instead it is purely a survey site and surveys will be the only way that you can earn here but it makes it very simple to use you can get paid through Paypal Gift card, or you can donate your earning to charity you will receive an email when there’s in survey available for you to complete so just make sure to keep an eye on your email .So there you have the list of the best paying survey sites for the UK now to increase your earning it is best to sign up for more than one site that’s different ones offer different surveys and opportunities, now keep in mind that is meant be extra cash and not meant to replace a full-time income

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