Audi tests the entire E-Tron GT assembly using virtual reality

Audi tests the entire E-Tron GT assembly using virtual reality , as employees of different sections test all assembly processes by default using virtual reality glasses and control units .

Audi has developed a virtual reality program at its headquarters specifically for this process. This process is based on complete scanning procedures that produce an internal 3D map of the virtual space. This is the first time this technology has been used to test the assembly of the e-tron GT at the Neckarsulm site for Audi cars .

Through these workshops, planning officers, in collaboration with their colleagues in the logistics, assembly and prototype and quality assurance departments, review all work steps and verify the feasibility of planned operations; the validity of human engineering steps; and the validity of equipment stations and other factors.

So far, these tests have been conducted in workshops on real prototypes.

 Markus, Head of Production Planning at Neckarsulm, said « The e-tron GT is the first Volkswagen Group car that does not use a real prototype in production preparation workshops ».

The production preparation workshops are the result of intensive collaboration between the Department of Assembly Planning at the Nickarsulm site, the Ingolstadt Assembly Planning Department and the Audi production laboratory. The Audi production laboratory team developed the virtual reality software at its headquarters, which will be used for the first time in Nickarsulm as part of the e-tron GT production planning.

The dependence of workshops on digital technologies is pushing the company down the path of digital transformation.

Bernd Weidmann, Head of Assembly Planning in Ingolstadt, commented: « The use of digital technologies in the workshops is logical and constitutes a coherent step towards the development of the existing methodology of production processes », Virtual workshops also facilitate very effective and good collaboration between workshop participants from different locations.

Digital transformation improves collaboration between teams and locations, while providing resources, for example by reducing the number of business trips. As such, this purification offers a great opportunity for the entire Volkswagen group.

 Marcos Moyno said : « The Audi brand has taken a leading position by creating a virtual reality methodology in production process workshops,

Comprehensive surveys are a key element in the implementation of virtual reality production preparation workshops, where 3D digitization of production sections and entire buildings is carried out using electronic software and customized hardware. Audi is working with a Munich start-up to design a virtual version of the production plant. The result will be at the highest level of accuracy, so that the measurements of the production cycle, for example, the installation of the audi  R8 cockpit or e-tron GT, are very accurate.

On the basis of these data, production is planned and the cycles and equipment used are equipped. At the same time, the analysis results in a point cloud that can be used to rebuild the default equipment or infrastructure. Audi employees can digitally update their planning and scheduling systems, saving time and money. The complete model of the Bollinger site represents another important step towards digital transformation.

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