5 features expected in Apple TVOS 13

At its annual WWDC developer conference this year, Apple unveiled the release of TVOS 13, Apple’s home entertainment operating system, which included many new features, including: multi-user support, a new control center, and application support. The new Apple Arcade game service.

TVOS was not among Apple’s most popular systems, but gained considerable attention in 2019, especially after the announcement of the new arcade game service, which gives users access to more than 100 exclusive games and will be available in more than 150 countries.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, said: « TVOS has become the driving force behind the Apple TV 4K experience, offering more features that correspond to each user’s personal life, enjoying their favorite TV shows, movies, photos, music, and, in addition to Greater support for games, with new stop screens, being the entertainment experience offered by tvOS 13 is a complete experience, appreciated by the whole family »

Here is the top 5 of the upcoming features of Apple TVOS 13 next fall:

1-Support for multiple users:

The new Apple TV control center makes it easy to switch from a number of users, so that each user enjoys a personalized entertainment experience, each user can see their Up Next menu, and get recommendations for TV shows and movies according to their personal tastes.

The new control center also provides users with quick access to key apple TV features, including temporary system shutdown and implementation.

2- Application Apple Arcade :

Apple announced in March the new Apple Arcade game service, in exchange for a monthly fee that allows subscribers to access a range of premium games, as well as access to iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV this fall.

But at the WWDC conference, a new Apple Arcade tab appeared as an application on tvOS 13, and the company said a family of six could use a subscription for unlimited access to more than 100 new and exclusive games, without ads, or additional purchases.

But it is not yet clear how this application works, as it can be an independent place to browse your favorite games, or a central repository for all the games you have played, or maybe you will start playing from it instead of looking for games on your Apple TV home screen. We will probably know more about the application when tvOS 13 and Apple Arkid are launched next fall.

3- New stop screens:

Apple is adding more 4K HDR displays to the beautiful screen available on Apple TV 4K, with open sea and ocean landscapes.

Apple announced that it had filmed the images in collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit, the same unit that produced the documentary series Blue Planet, to present these immersive videos taken from the deep sea and oceans around the world.

4- Description of the application update:

This feature may seem simple to some, but there are those who like to know what’s in each new update for our favorite applications, regardless of the platform they work on.

In TVOS version 13, you can find information about the new update in any application. Just go to your page at the August store, and go down to about (about) section, to find this information.

5- Increased support for game consoles:

TVOS 13 adds greater support for the world’s most popular game consoles by supporting Xbox One S and PlayStation DualShock 4, making it easier for gamers to enjoy Apple Arcade and other great games on the App Store.

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