11 features hidden in IOS 13 and iPadOS 11

A few days ago, Apple launched the general trial version of its operating systems, including iOS 13, the operator of its mobile devices, which has many new features, announced by the company at its annual developer conference (WWDC 2019) held in May this year.

Among the strengths of iOS 13, as well as the iPadOS operating system: dark mode support, enhanced privacy features, and a new look for Apple Maps. Apple talked about the most important features at WWDC 2019, but after the launch of the general trial version of the system, it was revealed that there were hidden benefits that the company did not disclose.

Here we review 11 of the best new hidden features found in iOS 13, such as improved battery charging, support for using two SIM cards in the iMessage messaging application, and the ability to use the mouse to control your iPhone or iPad.

Fully charging the iPhone battery, then leaving it attached to the charger for a long period, can damage it over time. The new iOS 13 option aims to extend battery life by learning your charging habits, to prevent the battery from instantly charging to 100%.

If you charge your phone at night while you sleep, the optimized battery charge will keep your phone battery at 80% for most of the night, then complete the remaining 20% charge before you wake up.

To use this new feature: Switch to Battery Settings and Battery and Battery Health, where the optimized battery charging option can be enabled.

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