A new feature of Google in web browsers with phones to speed up search

Imagine searching through Google Photos for some wall paintings, or new furniture ideas using your phone, and you want quick access to a site when you see a photo you like. Now you can scroll to the site faster with Swipe to Visit.

This feature provides a faster way to preview web pages than Google Images Search, which relies on Accelerated Mobile Pages, known as AMP, first announced by Google in 2016, an open source project designed to accelerate web pages. With phones.

An important element in visual research is the ability of users to see many ideas before making a decision, whether to buy a product or to find instructions for a DIY project. This often involves downloading several web pages, which can significantly slow down the search process and prevent users from completing the task.

This feature will also help brands attract many potential customers to their websites by taking high quality photos, including on their website pages, and improving them to appear in search results.

Swipe to Visit will work on mobile web browsers, but it will not work on Google’s Pixel search bar at this time, keeping in mind that some websites may not yet support AMP technology.

Here’s how this feature works:

  • Open the web browser on your phone.
  •  Look for something, such as: landscapes and click on the search inside the images.
  •  Click on the image that attracts your attention.

You will see a preview of the site at the bottom of the screen, scan up to display the web page instantly.

When you are finished looking at the web page, you can either leave it or scroll down to view it later.

In the same vein, Google also announced the new Gallery Go application, a miniature version of the popular Google Photos application for organizing and managing images.

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